The segmented laundry drying system has two end pieces, and using the supplied tools in the package, you can install ZIPZAP anywhere. The installation is simple and almost identical to the regular clothes lines. By pulling the rubber coated wire or cable through the slots in the end piece, you can simply bind, hang or fix both ends with existing fixed points or by fastener and hook.

You will not. The package contains 2x 2.2 meters of the ZIPZAP system, 2x 50 cm of rubber cord, 2x 50 cm of solid cord, 4x hook and 4x dowel

Test results proved that the two-meter ZIPZAP system can hold up to 15 kg of weight, which is usually enough for the volume of laundry from one or even two washing machines.

The product will be appreciated by everyone who wants to make the work of hanging laundry easier. It is suitable for mothers with children, people with limited mobility or just for those who don’t want to waste time. ZIPZAP will definitely find its fans among cottagers, fishermen and anyone who likes to travel or spend time in nature, but I am on business trips and vacations.

The warranty is 2 years.

We wanted to use a material that would be sufficient and at the same time not burden the environment. ZIPZAP is made from recyclable plastic, and the entire production to delivery to your home is designed to leave as little ecological footprint as possible. This plastic is also recyclable.

We subjected ZIPZAP to almost extreme weather tests. And the result? The underwear stayed in place, nicely secured in the ZIPZAP.