Is ZIPZAP installation complicated?

The segmented laundry drying system has two end pieces, and using the supplied tools in the package, you can install ZIPZAP anywhere. The installation is simple and almost identical to the regular clothes lines. By pulling the rubber coated wire or cable through the slots in the end piece, you can simply bind, hang or fix both ends with existing fixed points or by fastener and hook.

What is a carrying capacity of loundry?

The load capacity of the ZIPZAP (2 x 2.2 m) segmented system is 15 kg, which is enough for a normal amount of wet laundry.

Where can I buy ZIPZAP?

You can buy the segment system through our E-shop:

Is ZIPZAP environmentally friendly?

The segmented laundry drying system is made of recyclable plastic material.

What is the ZIPZAP warranty?

The warranty is 2 years.

When attaching ZIPZAP, do we have to use both a rubber coated wire and a firm cable?

When attaching, it is important to use a rubber coated wire at least for one end piece. This allows tensioning and at the same time damping the pressure when hanging the laundry. The cable is supplied for a firm clamping of the other end of the segment system (e.g. column, tree, construction, …) where the hook can not be mounted.



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